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Clip Health’s mission & vision is to increase healthcare accessibility and efficiency by designing, developing, manufacturing, and delivering products that enable affordable, widespread access to actionable health testing with immediate follow-up.

This vision of accelerating the world towards accessible, personalized, and actionable health testing is backed by our mature technology and infrastructure that enable the deployment of lab-accuracy immunoassays for home use at scale.

When Clip Health was founded, the consumer diagnostics market had pregnancy testing on one end of the spectrum, and diabetes monitoring on the other end. These applications were decades old, and there was no innovation happening in the vast swath of the spectrum in between. This solution gap has seen significant activity in recent years, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated that trend. Clip Health is at the frontier of the coming revolution in consumer-centric healthcare. 

Cliphealth was seeded in 2016 and is backed by Khosla Ventures, Y Combinator, and the National Institutes of Health. Today, the company has over 80 employees and is based in the California Bay Area, where the entire FDA QSR-compliant design and consumables manufacturing process is housed.

Our Team

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